Corporate constitutionalism

El Blog The exchange refiere que el número de diciembre de 2015 de Itinerario (International Journal on the History of European Expansion and Global Interaction) trae artículos sobre las actividades constitucionales de las sociedades mercantiles del siglo XVII:
  • William A. Pettigrew, "Corporate Constitutionalism and the Dialogue between the Global and Local in Seventeenth-Century English History"
  • David Armitage, "Wider Still and Wider: Corporate Constitutionalism Unbounded"
  • Paul D. Halliday, "Speaking Law to the Corporate Person"
  • Vicki Hsueh, "Constitutional Turns and Corporate Responses to the Empire of Uniformity"
  • Tom Leng, " 'Corporate Constitutionalism,' the Merchant Adventurers, and Anglo-European Interaction"
  • Philip J. Stern, "Parasites, Persons, and Princes: Evolutionary Biology of the Corporate Constitution"
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